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The Construction Timeline

August 28, 2019:  First day of school at our brand new and beautiful school!
June 21, 2019:The old building is coming down, and the new school is going through dramatic changes every day.  Painting is almost finished on the interior, and crews are working on the flooring, whiteboards, and fixtures.  Click HERE for a video on the demolition.
June 4, 2019: Students entered the school for the fist time today.  They were able to meet their teachers for next year and tour the majority of the school.  
May 30, 2019: The gym floor is being installed with finishing touches being completed in all areas. The old gym is moving quickly and has been transformed into four classrooms connected to the new building. Lots of concrete is being poured into the center courtyard. Demolition of the current building will begin quickly after school is dismissed for the summer. Please check out the Helena Public Schools Facebook page to see updated photos of our school!
April 26, 2019: We are in the home stretch with the new building. They are finishing painting, installing all doors and windows and will start to work on the construction of the last part of the building on May 1st. We as a school will start our new lunch and after school program plan on Monday, April 29th. This will include a new location for gym class. A huge thank you to our staff for being so flexible and accommodating in order to make this last phase of construction possible!
April 18, 2019: We're starting to look like a school!  Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing have all been trimmed out.  The second floor is getting plainted and the floor is getting polished in the Administrative area.  Exterior siding and "storefront" installation are ongoing.​
October 18, 2018: Work continues on the new Bryant School.  The exterior brick is being applied.  Roofing is taking place and classrooms are beginning to take shape.  Ben Tintinger and Gretchen Krumm from Mosaic Architecture led Bryant staff on a tour of the new school on October 12.  Staff were able to see their new classrooms and working spaces taking shape.  There was general agreement that the new school is fabulous and the library is amazing.
August 13, 2018: At Bryant this week, rebar for the gym slab was finished on Monday and Tuesday.  The gym slab was poured on Wednesday.  Detailing steel has started and exterior wall sheathing and interior framing is now underway.
July 31, 2018: During the past week a massive slab was poured at Bryant.  Foundation work is continuing to take place and steel beams are being erected.
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Bryant Elementary School

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Our Community Partners

Throughout the design and construction process, architects and contractors met with past and current administration, teachers and specialists, students, parents, and community members.

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