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About the projects. 

Let us tell you a little story about the time a community banded together and made an investment in its future.  
The Helena School District requested a $63 million dollar bond to make generational investments in the elementary school district.  On May 2, 2017, the community voted with overwhelming support to approve this request. 
Over the next six months, the district received feedback from educators, administrators, parents, community members, and students on what would make the perfect school.  Along with national research and trends, that feedback was compiled by architects, and in November 2017, the new school projects moved into the pre-construction phase.

During this phase, the general contractors, with input from the architects and representatives from Helena Public Schools, developed construction schedules, budgets, cost estimates, and specifications for construction materials carefully factoring historical significance of items and structures, innovative education techniques, and cost effectiveness.  In addition, the general contractor’s safety officer developed site specific safety plans, which outline safety and security procedures for the construction site and surrounding area to keep the safety of our students at the forefront of everyone's minds.  


In mid-March 2018, the construction phase began for the three new schools and the entire district and community watched in anticipation and excitement until August 2019, when the projects were complete and almost 1,000 students walked into brand new schools for the first time in over 40 years.  

The new schools weren't the only benefactors of the bond, though.  Assessments an improvements continue to happen across the district to address communication, safety, and security needs. 
We're beyond grateful to our community for its support, and we hope you enjoy the results of your efforts. 
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